Multiple Locations Vienna

09/09/22 – 08/10/22
multiple editions by Jonathan Monk at 11 sites on and around Schleifmühlgasse, Vienna

Jonathan Monk, The De Chirico Bakery Cheese Pie, 2021 at CAMO Modellfahrzeuge

Jonathan Monk, A copy of Richard Hamilton Whitley Bay, 1965, 2015 at Toni Patroni

Jonathan Monk, The left eye of a game player, 2017 / 2022 at Tabaktrafik Dagmar Seyfried

Jonathan Monk, The End / Print, 2019 at Eiscafe Classico

Jonathan Monk, Untitled (followed to the letter) A, 2022 at Bobby‘s Foodstore

Jonathan Monk, Measurements, 2021 at Lotus Sexshop

Jonathan Monk, Untitled (stencil), 2021 at Johann Jouja

Jonathan Monk, Somewhere Soon, 2010 at Crupi

Jonathan Monk, White Square with Piece Missing, 2008 at Flight & Travel E.K. Reisebüro

Jonathan Monk, Four details of a Swimming Costume, 2016 at FLO Vintage

Jonathan Monk, A collection of nine Kippenberger editions, one Boetti watch, a cigarette and yellow, 2015 at Café Anzengruber

Jonathan Monk, Meeting #56, 2009 at Café Anzengruber

Realised by Anna Ebner-Quadri, Julia Hölz and Jonathan Monk

Hosted by Bobby’s Foodstore, Café Anzengruber, CAMO Modellfahrzeuge, Crupi, Eiscafe Classico, Flight & Travel E.K. Reisebüro, FLO Vintage, Johann Jouja, Lotus Sexshop, Tabaktrafik Dagmar Seyfried and Toni Patroni

Photos by Flavio Palasciano