About Multiple Locations

The exhibition project Multiple Locations shows a selection of Jonathan Monk’s editions that have been created within the last years. Editions are artworks that exist more than once and, after leaving the studio, end up in a wide variety of places. They are made to reach as many, different people as possible, and therefore not the classical exhibition space was chosen for this project, but sites that do not seek much contact with art.
Stores, restaurants and bars serve as exhibition spaces that do not provide a neutral or luxurious environment for the art, but where the goods, their furnishings, employees and customers provide the setting for it. In a present strongly characterized by global uniformity in metropolitan downtowns, these stores stand out for their individuality and character, which is often strongly influenced by their owners. They are highly individualized spaces that have grown over the years and reflect their everyday lives in them.
Jonathan Monk’s works often link the everyday with references to art history. Similarly, the editions in the stores link to their history. The context of the locations determines the choice of the artwork and in the interweaving both content and formal aspects of the editions, as well as those of the spaces, are emphasized.